Enjoy Your Smart Banking Card

The Smart Banking Card is a reloadable prepaid Visa debit card. It works much like a checking account, but because it is prefunded, spending is limited to the amount of money you load on the card, so there is no risk of overdraft or interest charges.

Load money on your Smart Banking Card and use it anywhere Visa cards are accepted. Shop online, pay bills and get cash at ATMs. Get paychecks faster with direct deposit. When your funds run low, just reload and keep using your card.

Start enjoying the benefits of this great money management tool today! 

Great for customers with thin or no credit, college students, travelers and budget conscious consumers.


Effective June 25, 2014, the following daily limits and card parameters will apply to your Smart Banking Card.

  • Total purchases limited to $2500 per day
  • Maximum consumer reloads limited to $500 per day
  • Cash Back with PIN purchases limited to $500 per day
  • Transfer to Bank Account limited to $2500 per day
  • Maximum card balance $5,000

Please call 1-800-620-6144 if you have any questions.